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Some of the recording artist on the Native American Flute that we have either met or seen in concert.

  • Sam Caldarera, an active member of the Spring Cypress Flute Circle and the Greater Houston Flute Circle, has a flute and guitar duo, Anhinga. In addition to the Native American Flute, Sam plays didgeridoo, sideblown bamboo flute, and the Shakahachi. Preview and purchase Anhinga's CDs Turquoise Visions and Spirits of the Canyon.

  • Cornell Kinderknecht is a performer of historic and ethnic woodwind instruments from cultures around the world. His original contemporary instrumental music is a unique style combining his experience in the genres of symphonic, chamber, pop, jazz, folk, and world music......more

  • Charles Littleleaf - Truly touched those of us who heard him play at the Zion Art and Flute Festival this past October. His music was so sweet and beautiful that he had all of us in tears. You can order his cd "Ancient Reflections" from his website. Native American Recording Artist and Award Winning Custom Flute Maker residing in Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Central Oregon, USA......more

  • Jeff Ball entertained us many times at open mic in Zion (2006). "When you hear Jeff Ball play the Native American courting flute...the solemn beauty of it is inescapable. Jeff Ball, calling the Washington DC area his home, started out as a soloist, but through the writing and recording collaborations on his previous 3 albums, he has ended up with a band. ......more

  • Evran Ozan was six years old when he discovered the native flute on a cross-country road trip. At the first stop, the Grand Canyon, Evren went straight to the native instruments counter and picked out a cedar flute. He paid for it with all of his trip allowance and has been playing native flutes ever since......more

  • Autumn's Child- Mark Holland describes his project, Autumn's Child as global chamber music; a hybrid of native influenced, world, jazz, classical, and folk styles. Through Autumn's Child, Holland showcases the versatility of the Native American flute and features its haunting beauty with many diverse Western and non-Western instruments, creating a new acoustic instrumental fusion. Holland started Autumn's Child in the fall of 1995. He started his publishing and record label, Cedar'n Sage Music in 1997.......more

  • Scott August, was also a favorite at the Zion Music Festival's (2006) Saturday night concert. He is an extremely multi-talented musician. Vicki , Mary, and I also had the opportunity to attend Scott's workshop at Zion, "Composing from the Heart". This was a two hour mini version of an all day workshop of Scott's technique for teaching songwriting. The workshop was excellent. Contact Scott on his website if you are interested in having him do a workshop in your area.......more

  • Joseph Firecrow not only plays an awesome flute but has a beautiful voice and sweet spirit. His concert on Friday night at Zion 2006 was incredible! His musical journey began when he was very young. Quote from his bio on his website: "Drums were a regular part of our lives. In the summer were the war dances, now called powwows. As kids, we would imitate the drummers on my motherís galvanized washtub.......more.

  • Vince Chafin plays beautiful flute that will truly calm your spirit, but he is also plays really great guitar and drums. We heard him several times at the open mic at Zion 2006...Every performance was wonderful!! He is a lot of fun! Quote from his website - "Vince's early childhood memories are bathed in music. "My Father was a child of the 50's and was heavily influenced by Country, Blues, Soul, R&B and early Rock and Roll", says Vince. This may explain his diverse and far reaching musical styles which range from Willie Nelson to James Brown"........more.

  • Coyote Oldman - Michael Graham Allen; Recording Artist and Flute Maker. We know Michael from his work and concerts every year at the Flower Mound retreat in Grapevine, Texas. We also heard Michael play the most difficult flute, the Anasazi, on the Saturday night concert at Zion 2006. Mike plays wonderful and also makes some very beautiful nice sounding Anasazi's. In addition to his Anasazi, several of our members own Michaels Native American flutes.

  • Peter Phippen is an innovative performer of flutes of the world, incredibly talented and versatile. Researching the performance technique and history of his vast collection of antique and contemporary anthropological wind instruments ultimately led him to bring this knowledge to concert stages and schools......more

  • Mark Thunderwolf is a Native American flutist and recording artist of Lakota and Eastern Band Cherokee Wolf Clan descent. He was born in Chattanooga, TN, the son of a musician who had mastered many instruments during his lifetime. As a child, Mark watched and listened to his father play guitar, fiddle, organ and piano all by ear. Mark often dreamed of being a musician on stage and as a teenager bought an acoustic twelve-string guitar and later a dobro acoustic guitar but never quite connected with either instrument......more

  • Clint Goss began playing the clarinet 30 years ago. His encounter with a Native American flute made by Kai Mayberger of White Raven Drums re-connected him with music. In 1997, Clint and his wife Vera travelled to Zimbabwe on a technical assistance project, and were infused with the music that is ever-present in that culture The musical landscape broadened and Clint began jamming on the African Kalimba.......more. (Preview and purchase Clint's new CD Spirit Grass. )

  • Randy Granger is a New Mexico Singer Songwriter, Native American Flute composer and performer. An award winning New-Southwest musician .......more. (Preview and purchase Randy's new CD Cloudwalker )